Clothing and Toy Drive

Thanks to Monkton Combe for helping us collect much needed clothes and toys to send to Sierra Leone after the flooding.


Thank you ladies for helping us sort the clothes to make this possible! 



Clothes ready for despatch to Sierra Leone (left) and warm winter clothes donated to the Lifeline Centre via Genesis Trust (right).





ABEC Learning Foundation was created to provide and support education for communities that need it in Sierra Leone. When the heavy rains caused mudslides and flooding during the summer we felt we had to switch focus for a time to lend some support to the relief efforts. The money raised from our GoFundMe campaign has been sent to the front lines where people are working to help those in need and to clean up and rebuild after the disaster.
Working with J4BS who are on the ground in Freetown distributing goods to those who have lost everything and helping to make the area safe where buildings and infrastructure have been damaged.

More help is needed so please keep donating to our GoFundMe campaign.


We are planning a Charity Event in late Summer…please watch this space for further details!


Day out to one of Freetown orphanage


Gate update

As seen in the pictures the front of the school as come a long way in 2 weeks! A new, tall wall has been erected for security and privacy. The finishing touches are now being added - including the new gate! We are hoping to paint the wall and gate with the colours of the school and its logo.Along with the Headmistress, we have also decided to extend the wall around the whole school to create a secure compound.


Well update

After Living Water (another charity) was unable to find water in the three different places they dug we thought it'd be best to invest the money into another area of the school. However, we are going to try one last time using manual labour in one last space we believe may have water. Updates will follow.


Toilet update

It has been decided that Living Water is now going to take over the construction of the new toilets. This means Abec can save the money that was going to be invested into that project into updating the library, classrooms and general maintenance of the school.



Update and juice day!

A break through! Last week we were told that there was a progression in funding towards the school from the government. This was in the form of providing school meals for the children twice a week - Tuesday and Thursday. This was a real break through as before, no funding like this was given to schools in the area. Therefore, we decided that once a week it would be nice for the children to have some juice with the school lunch - so we introduced the great juice giveaway in Thursday's! The children loved the juice and couldn't wait to get seconds!

The wall is also nearly complete with only the gates to go in. Unfortunately we are slightly delayed with the building of the toilets due to trying to get materials. However we are scheduled to start this week!


The wall is now up and ready for the pullers and gate to go in. It looks like it'll be finished by the end of the week... Hopefully!

Although, we have had some unfortunate news from Living Water, the company working to drill the borehole. After three attempts drilling in different areas of the school no water could be found. This was a real disappointment however, we are going to look for other options to supply the school with water.

Thank you to everyone for your support and donations over the past couple of years I am happy to announce that we have raised a total of £7150. This money will be invested into a number of different projects that will be taking place over this year. Our main projects include re building the school's entrance, creating access to clean water through a borehole and building 6 new toilets. 

We have begun re-building the front of the school and hope to finishes that by the beginning of March. Drilling for the borehole also started last week however, after drilling 3 separate holes, we are still yet to find water! Hopefully our luck will soon change! Updates on the borehole's progress will follow. 

The biggest project this visit will be the introduction of a new toilet block and washing basin. Plans and designs have been drawn up so we hope to start construction early March.

Today we began our first project of the trip! We will be building a new wall and installing a gate at the entrance to R.E.C to ensure better security. This will hopefully be finished by Tuesday next week and then we will start the main project...building new toilets! 


Library Building Materials

Building of Library Underway

New Library Tables

Library starting to take shape

Library Completed

Lessons in the New Library




October 2015 Visit to Sierra Leone

A successful trip out to the R.E.C School in Godreich in October 2015.

The children, parent body and community were thrilled with the bags and stationery donated by Barclays Bank.

Aisha presenting School Bags donated by Barclays

Aisha presenting new bags

Aisha presenting new bags

Children with their new Bags

Children with their new Bags

Thank you Barclays




















We had local Radio and newspaper coverage which was very positive.


The trip did also highlight there is still a lot to be done.  

We want to finish the library, improve sanitation, provide a clean water source and a secure frontage to the school so PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT US!!

Current Toilet Facilities

School Front

School Play Area



Preparation for the trip across to Sierra Leone

Getting all bags and stationery, generously donated by Barclays Bank ready in preparation for trip to Sierra Leone.










We are delighted to say that 'It's A Knock Out' raised £5761.00!!  Thank you so much for all those that took part and raised money and also for those that sponsored and/or provided raffle prizes and came along and supported the event.

On Saturday 12th September 2015 The ABEC Learning Foundation held our first big charity event  'It's A Knockout' in Timsbury near Bath. We were also extremely lucky to have the Barclays Premier League Trophy on display.  

We had seven teams take part in It's A Knockout and fun was had by all!  

A big thank you to all those who took part and helped raise so much money for the Charity!  

We are hoping to have a similar event next year, so please contact us if you would be interested in taking part.


Getting Ready for the Big Day

It’s a knockout




Barclays Premiership Football Trophy



Thanks to Monkton Combe School for their support though fundraising on Name an Easter Chick, Mufti day and a Cake Sale.


Masquerade Ball 2014

A glamorous masked ball was hosted at Parish’s House in Timsbury in aide of the ABEC Learning Foundation.

Guests donned their glad rags and enjoyed a vibrant evening of fundraising.