Sierra Leone native becomes a Federal Judge.

”Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be appointed to something by the president of the United States, let alone a federal judgeship,”said Alabama U.S. District Judge Abdul K. Kallon in 2009 after President Barack Obama nominated him to the federal bench.

His unlikely story didn’t end there. The Sierra Leone native who moved to America in 1980, has been tapped to fill a seat on a federal appeals court.



Kelvin Doe

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Kelvin Doe, also known as DJ Focus, is a Sierra Leonean engineer. He is known for teaching himself engineering at the age of 13 and building his own radio station in Sierra Leone, where he plays music and broadcasts news under the name "DJ Focus


Mariatu Kamara

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(Wikipedia) As a 12-year-old child during the civil war in Sierra Leone, she had both her hands cut off by rebels who invaded her village. She made her way to the Connaught Hospital in Freetown (along the way she was helped by several strangers), where surgery was performed on her arms to prevent infection. There, she discovered that she was pregnant, having been raped by a man her aunt trusted, and was supposed to marry when she became 16. She later gave birth to a son whom she named Abdul. The child became sick and then died about ten months after birth. After being released from the hospital, Mariatu spent many years begging for money while living at the crowded Aberdeen Amputee Camp. She also became part of a theater group at the camp, and along with many other amputees her age, was able to raise awareness of her country's problems by performing and dancing. She was then given the chance to get prosthetics and was sent to London. Thanks to a UNICEF sponsorship, she was able to move to Canada where she has toured with Free the Children and UNICEF to promote equal rights as well as education.


Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars

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(Wikipedia) Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars (also called Refugee All Stars) is a band from Sierra Leone which was formed by a group of refugees displaced to Guinea during the Sierra Leone Civil War. Since their return to Freetown in 2004, the band has toured extensively to raise awareness for humanitarian causes. Their story is documented in the 2005 documentary film Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars

Michaela DePrince

Michaela DePrince lost her family as a girl in Sierra Leone; now she's a world-class ballerina,