The ABEC Learning Foundation believes that everyone should have access to a basic childhood education. We are starting with those who need it most.

The ABEC Learning Foundation was founded in 2011 as a direct result of our founder’s son Charles befriending a boy around his own age named Papa. Papa lived near our founder’s family in a village called Goderich, about 10 miles outside of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. He became a regular visitor to our founder’s home and he and Charles began to play together frequently.  Charles came back from a trip and suggested that what his family really needed to do was help Papa continue to go to school. Papa’s mother could no longer afford to send him and he was about to join a large number of children in the area with a lack of educational resources and nothing to keep them busy.

Where Papa is from, many such kids operate as orphans with no proper families. Many live with distant relatives who are able to provide food and shelter on a very basic level. With Papa as an inspiration, our founder learned that a mere £30 could educate a child for a whole year. She paid Papa’s fees and watched him continue to advance over time. After meeting those directly involved with the issue, our founder began to appreciate the scale of the problem and the opportunity for positive change. In the village of Goderich alone, she found 25-30 kids to be in the same boat as Papa.


Papa and Charles


Aisha Bangura

Aisha Bangura is the founder of ABEC Learning Foundation. Aisha was born and raised in Sierra Leone and moved to England in 1987. Aisha knows firsthand the problems that are faced by children needing and deserving a basic education in Sierra Leone. Aisha started working with the school in 2013 by personally sponsoring 10 students, providing each of them with a uniform and paying their school fees. Aisha works directly with the headmistress to ensure the needs of the school and children are met. Aisha’s contribution to the charity is that she will personally pay all administration costs, travel and any shipping costs to ensure that every single penny of your donation will go directly to the school. Most importantly, Aisha will personally visit the school and deliver all the items and equipment to ensure they really do reach the intended destination.


Aisha Bangura


Aisha with some of the children she has sponsored


School Sports Day 2014